Would you consider a new or deeper involvement in Six Treasures? Imagine the fulfillment you would have in knowing that you are routinely loving those in our community who others intentionally ignore or deliberately avoid. Weren’t those the very people that Jesus went out of his way to embrace?

If you are a little intimidated at the prospect of working with homeless men, we understand. We will not leave you on your own. In fact, we will train you and walk side-by-side with you as you move as slowly or as quickly as you would like. Also, there are plenty of “behind-the-scenes” work that is critically important to our ongoing work.

Just a few examples of areas in which we can use volunteers include:

-providing transportation to Six Treasures activities, medical appointments, etc.
-attend our biweekly in-home gatherings
-working with homeless friends and volunteers in our woodshop
-preparing all or part of a meal for our biweekly in-home gatherings
-participating in weekly meetings (12 Step Recovery Group, Men’s Bible Study)
-attending a Six Treasures sponsored outing
-sorting/pricing in our clothing and supplies store
-become an Ally for a man in the Circle Up program
-serve on one of our work groups or committees (Communications, Work Cooperative)
-periodically take a homeless friend to lunch or on an outing

To explore opportunities to volunteer, click on the “Get In Touch” button below. There you can send us an email and we will get back to you promptly.

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